Monday, January 17, 2011

Half month update

It's not the month yet, but thought I'd update anyway.

Rachael is currently feet-obsessed, as many babies her age seem to be. She rather enjoys spending much of the day holding her ankles over her body.
Rachael still has a thing for her fingernails. Grandpa's leather seat got a workout last night.

Thanks to Wonder week 19 (which we sort of missed, I think it coincided with her 4 month injections, so we blamed it on them), Rachael has figured out how to take her dummy out, and put it back in. Ends up in her mouth about half the time, the rest shes gives up after shoving it into her nose, or putting the wrong bit in her mouth. Can't do it when she's tired, which is when she actually needs the dummy, but she'll get there. I remember in earlier months wishing for the day she could put it back in herself (after getting out of bed multiple times to pu it back in), and I guess that day has come. She's growing up again

Pictures of Rachael at mum's group

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