Thursday, October 7, 2010

Growing bigger every day

Rachael started off a little small at 6 pound 13, but is doing her best to catch up.
At two weeks, Rachael had gained 2.5 cm in length and 526gm in weight
At four weeks, Rachael has gained an additional 2.5 cm in length and 572gm in weight
So after one month, she is 5cm longer and 35% heavier than when she was born. Clothes that seemed huge at first are now too small for her to fit.
At this rate my little girl will be all grown up before I know it

First month in pictures

Some of my favourite pictures of Rachael's first month on the outside


Rachael Ava Wiseman came into the world at 9:16pm, 1st September 2010. 6 lb 13 oz.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First glimpse

I guess the best place to start is the begining.
These were our first glimpses of our baby, not that they look anything like her

Nine weeks

13 weeks