Monday, January 31, 2011

5 months

Rachael is 5 months into the world today. I don't really like saying 5 months old, as that doesn't credit the 9 months pre-birth I was creating and nuturing her for, and the living (kicking, punching) she was doing.
Anyway, an update on Rachael. She's not really fond of the heat (like her mummy), so she's not enjoying this heatwave.
Although she's small for her age, she's still our big girl. No weigh-in this month, but I have just been given a picture of her baby cousin Clementine, in the same t-shirt Rachael wears (well obviously not THE same shirt, but the same brand/design/size), and what Rachael is just about busting out of, her little cousin wears like a dress. Show's how much bigger she's gotten.

Just today Rachael has started to roll from her back to her tummy. I'm not even sure she knows that she's doing it or how she's doing it, but it gets her to her toy. Tends to get one arm stuck underneath, but she'll figure it out with time.

Rachael is really enjoying assisted sitting. It must be much more enjoyable than lying down. She's also enoying a good giggle from time to time. Two nights ago, it was discovering the fun of pushing an empty water bottle off the table (and having grandma pick it up again) over and over again. Last night, it was a new spinning toy that grandma bought out. A week ago she accidentally made a gurgling sound in her throat, and spent the next 10 minutes trying to replicate it, and giggling the whole time at her new discovery.
I will get video of it soon and post, as it is seriously cute

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