Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 months

So time has been ticking away, and Rachael is 4 months now.
Her health visit was tuesday, and we have anew lot of stats.
Weight- 6.02kg. That's pretty much double her birthweight. I knew that little girl was getting heavier.
Length- 61cm. It seems she has a quite small head to most of the baby population, now under the 3rd percentile line. No wonder all of her clothes necks are huge on her. She has now reached, at 4 months, the size clothing manuacturers decide she should be at 3 months. Figure she hasn't got any tall genes from her parents.

Developmentally wise, as you can see from previous post, she has learnt to roll from front to back. Can't roll the other way yet; her bottom half goes over, but the top half stays. I think her motivation to roll that way isn't very high- why would she want to roll onto her tummy? She's just got off it.

Her favourite current skill is to scrape her fingernails on surfaces to hear the sound it makes. The couch, mirror, rug and of course mummy's skin are all getting a workout.

As she has been from the start, Rachael still loves to hold onto things. She has learnt if she has a good grip on whichever parent is holding her when she goes to sleep, they can't put her down. She is also quite fond of holding onto her mummy's hair during feeds, so is ending up holding a whole lot of it at the end of a feed, due to mummy's post-partum shedding.

Rachael has gotten over lying down; she wants to be sitting up at all times, and seems to want to be standing and walking if she could.

Rachael has also had two successful bottlefeeds after switching bottle brands. However she is still not fond of people other than her parents at the moment. Hoping we can overcome that before a wedding next month

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