Sunday, October 2, 2011

13 months

Goodness that last month went fast. Mayby I wrote the 12 month post late?
I have really enjoyed this last month with Rachael, I'd say it's been my favourite yet.

This has been a big month for communication development, and when she can tell me what she's on about (a bit anyway), we're both a lot happier.
Rachael has taken on some gestures, in addition to the waving she got the hang of a couple of months ago she can now point at everything she wants, can nod and shake her head with meaning and enthusiasm. There's defintaely no doubt that she means 'no'. Rachael has also picked up the sign for "finished". We didn't teach it to her specifically, but we sort of do it withouit thinking about it and she picked up it. The actual sign is a bit beyond her at the moment, but if she's in her highchair and starts waving her right hand at you, it means she's finished. And in typical Rachael style, finished is finished NOW, and she will make it quite well known if you haven't removed the food and got her out of the highchair in the time she determines as appropriately fast.
I've just bought a baby signing book, as she is obviously receptive to learning signs at the moment, and a few more words to communicate would help out.

Rachael has just picked up her second verbal word. The first was dad, the second is "Yay". Anything she enjoys is "yay", and it's so incredibly cute when she's enjoying herself, having plenty of 'yay's.

The last few days have also provided an exciting development. From sitting, Rachael has been able to stand herself up unaided, and can take a few steps from there. Very exciting, but she won't do it on cue, just when she feels like it, so we'll just have to keep watching.

Rachael isn't eating very much at home of late (still plenty of feeds), but when she does, she wants to only eat using her own knife and fork. Finger food is only accepted sometimes. If she drops/throws her fork or spoon, she'll often use her fingers for a few minutes, and then decide that she wants to use my cutlery instead.

I'm not so good at getting pictures since changing computers, so I'll see if I've got one to add later

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  1. she is really devoloping. she loves to play now and enjoys her grandparents a lot more. Her Yah is so cute.