Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 months

Yes, Rachael is now 9 months old. If 2/3 way through her first year was enough last month, she's 3/4 the way through now!
Rachael is weighing in at a chubby 8kg, growing out of her clothing in width, rather than length. I tried putting a gorgeous denim pleated skirt, with little white belt on her this last week for a birthday party, but couldn't get it over her thighs no matter how much I tried, let alone her backside. So it was elastic pants for us instead. Rachael got a helium baloon at the party, which was a new experience.

Although we had a bit of a slow start with BLW, it is going really well for us now. The addition of her two bottom teeth have helped things along a lot, so she sometimes can eat a whole (small) piece of a food if she is rather keen on it. This week hasn't been an overly happy week, as her first top teeth are cutting. It will further help her chewing, but makes things rather miserable for now. We have also moved onto loading a spoon with food, which Rachael places into her own mouth. For example, dinner tonight consisted of marinated steak (yum to chew on), green beans (she didn't actually eat), carrots, and mashed potatoe on a spoon, that she could put into her own mouth.
Today Rachael has been exploring a singing/talking dog toy we bought her, but she's actually scared of it. oops.

No major physical developments to report this month. Rachael still shows very little interest in crawling, regardless of how much we try to encourage it. She is rather interested in walking though. She believes she can stand, walk and climb, but doesn't have half the balance required to do any of it.

Rachael still enjoys going shopping and charming everyone in sight.

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