Monday, April 25, 2011


There have been a whole heap of significant days this week, that got me thinking about what traditions to start with Rachael.

Good Friday morning we were lucky enough to get invited to go along with Nic, Hannah, Finnian and "ma" to the walk of the stations of the cross. Long story short, having two prams and a toddler, we ended up being up the back so we couldn't hear much, ended up cold and wet. Regardless of this, it was realy nice to share this occasion, and I think we'll be back in future years, hopefully with better weather and the ability to hear it.

This morning Rachael, Jai and I attended the ANZAC Day dawn service with dad, Katie and Tori. Dad and I have been going together for about 7 years or so, in recent years with Jai. Rachael atteded by default last year (I had to kneel part of the time because my pregnant body had a severe lack of blood pressure). I can't remember if in years previous we went (we may have). It became more significant for me after, as a cadet, I was priveledged enough to serve on a Catafalque party at a dawn service. Going with dad (and others, depending on the year), is a special tradition for me, and I want to continue it.

We were able to spend time with members of both sides of our family over Easter. It was really good to do this.

I hope that in years to come we can continue these traditions, as they mark significant things, and have a great sense of community

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  1. Sounds good!! Its fun to be able to start our own family traditions isn't it? I don't think I"ve ever been to an ANZAC dawn service.