Thursday, November 4, 2010

6 weeks

Six weeks in the outside world was a big week for Rachael

Up until 6 weeks, Rachael had been feeding every three hours, like absolute clockwork. Week 6 however, Rachael decided it was time to give up this tiring game for her parents, and push the first night sleep out to 5 hours. This decision meant that mummy managed to get a whole 3 hours sleep at once- a big improvement over the 1-1.5 hours as had been the norm. I have never been so excited to have 5 hours total sleep in a night, even though it was interrupted by a feeding session

In the same week, Rachael started to give large, whole mouth smiles for the first time. Previously, it had only been side of the mouth, wind-induced smiling. Unfortunatly, even in the weeks since, I have been unable to capture any on camera. There is no way you could not fall in love with her once you have been subjected to one of these adorable smiles. So far she has captured her parents, two grandparents and her Aunty Tori


  1. Good girly Rachael for letting mummy have a bit more sleep!! I remember being excited about 4 or 5 hours sleep - lol it seems so funny hey?

  2. I think three hours slepp in a row was about the best thing I'd ever had :)